Environmentally Friendly & Health Conscious

Our commitment is to make 100% organically derived cleaning supplies, pain relieving body products, hair and baby products.  

Kind Souls became an ethical response from Kelcey, our founder, dealing with a rare chronic illness called CRPS/RSD.  Her chronic illness could have been a result of environmental pollution/poisoning, or from prior chemotherapy drugs.  She was unable to work and became permanently disabled from neuropathies, paralysis, and autoimmune complications.  She needed stem cell surgeries, neurostimulator implants, and constant medical care.  Her illness left her unable to walk or work.  

Her mission was to rid her house of any and all chemicals.  To learn as much as possible about organically derived herbal compounds that would aid in nerve pain relief. Seeking relief from spasms and persistent pain she wanted her ingredients to be all earth based and chemical free.  Kelcey researched and researched some more.  She surfaced with the best products for pain relief, chemical free household cleaning products, hair, body care, and non-toxic/chemical free baby products.

It is her passion to help others with sensitivities and chronic pain, while respecting the environment, animals and creating a low carbon footprint. The proceeds from these products help her fund her many surgeries, physical therapy, consistent medical care and expensive medical equipment that is required for her have a functional, fulfilled life.  Her goals are to give back to organizations that assist with this life impacting illness.  

Thank you for supporting our mission to consciously support our own health and the health of our planet. 


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